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2 in. 212cc Gasoline Engine Semi-Trash Water Pump - 158

The gas engine on the pump makes it ideal for use during power outages and at remote jobsites. A durable cast iron volute and impeller combined with high quality silicon carbide seals ensure long service life. Powerful 212cc 4-stroke overhead valve gas engine; 158 GPM (gallons per minute) Total head lift:91 ft. Suction head lift:26 ft. Low oil alert

:Scepter Flo N Go 08338 MaxFlo Siphon Pump

EPA approved Flo N Go Maxilla Fuel Siphon Pump for easy, clean fill-ups in hard-to-reach fuel tanks At-the-handle pump control allows for auto-shut-off and restarts and clean, hassle-free siphon control Over 2 gallons per minute flow rate in siphon mode Child safety lock included Ideal for fueling larger engines Use on lawn tractors, boats, jet skis / PWC, ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment and Compression Packing Garlock

  • BenefitsIntroductionProductsTurbine - Woodwardtg-13 (4000 ccw) 4035 DROOP, CCW, SS, ATEX A steam turbine mechanical-hydraulic governor, screw speed set range 2400-4000 rpm, speed-droop 4035 at 2°, counterclockwise drive shaft rotation for

    Eaton Aerospace Fuel Systems

    Fuel. With more than 50 years of experience and products installed on virtually every major platform program, Eaton is a world leader in delivering an unsurpassed range of reliable, efficient fuel systems for today's commercial and military aircraft and aero-engine programs. Eaton's aerospace fuel systems portfolio includes fuel pumps, boost Fill-Rite HomepageRUGGED AND RELIABLE PUMPS, METERS, AND ACCESSORIES MADE IN THE USA. Fill-Rite®, proudly manufactured by Tuthill, offers the most rugged and reliable brand of high-value pumps, meters, and accessories for your fluid dispensing needs. When you choose a red Fill-Rite fuel pump, you know it will work for years to come.

    Fuel Management Systems for Retail Convenience Stores

    The worlds most trusted name for fueling equipment & services that ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize flow and profits. From Automatic Tank Gauges and Submersible Turbine Pumps to Meter Registers and InSite360 fuel management software & services. Fuel System Parts Briggs & Stratton Online StoreFuel Line with 4 Fuel Line Clamps. Briggs & Stratton. $10.00. Add to Cart. 791850. Fuel Line Clamp. Briggs & Stratton. $2.29. Add to Cart.

    GPI Fueling Greatness

    GPRO® fuel transfer pumps are professional grade with high operating pressures and include an industry-leading, four-year warranty. The GPRO brand also boasts powder-coated cast iron and long-lasting carbon vanes that are primarily installed on stationary tanks of 90 gallons or larger. GPRO pumps offer high flow rates of 20 to 35 GPM (gallons Genuine Parts Catalog - amarillotk78-1340 Belt, Fan & Water Pump 1 n n n n n 78-1011 Belt, Water Pump 1 n n n 78-845 Belt, Alternator 1 n n n n Part Description Pkg Qty SB II SB III SB-100 SB-110 S B-190 SB-200 SB-210 SB-300 S B-310 SB-400 Sentry DE SB S uper II Part escription D Multi-Temp n

    Gravely Parts at Jack's

    Gravely Parts:We carry Gravely commercial mower parts and accessories including replacement blades, filters, spindles, pulleys, wheels, and much more. Select a category below to find the part you need. Or use our free Gravely Parts Lookup with exploded parts diagrams. Commercial Landscapers and Dealers can get Extra Savings on Parts! Greenhouse Gases Equivalencies Calculator - Calculations Apr 28, 2021 · Nationwide household consumption of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and fuel oil totaled 5.22, 0.46, and 0.45 quadrillion Btu, respectively, in 2019 (EIA 2020a). Averaged across households in the United States, this amounts to 41,712 cubic feet of natural gas, 42 gallons of liquefied petroleum gas, and 27 gallons of fuel oil per home.

    High Performance Rotary Screw Pumps

    Three screw pumps are the largest class of multiple screw pumps in service today. They are commonly used for ma-chinery lubrication, hydraulic elevators, fuel oil transport and burner service, powering hy-draulic machinery and in refin-ery processes for high tem-perature viscous products such as asphalt, vacuum tower bot-toms and residual fuel Honda Water PumpsCentrifugal, Submersible, and With so many models, theres bound to be one youre pumped about. Gas-powered Honda pumps are driven by Honda GX Series commercial-grade engines. Legendary for quick starts and rock-solid reliability, these quiet, four-stroke engines deliver impressive performance and fuel efficiency.

    Kawasaki Small Engine Parts at Jack's

    Kawasaki Small Engine Parts:Need to repair the Kawasaki engine on your lawn mower or outdoor power equipment? We have a wide range of replacement Kawasaki engine parts, including air filters, oil filters, carburetors, and much more. We even have New Kawasaki Engines. Select a category below, or use our Kawasaki Parts Lookup with exploded parts Model:5E 60 Hz 4EF 50 Hz Gasoline - Kohler Powergasoline fuel systems (33CFR183) One-side serviceability of fuel filter, cooling system, and lubrication system Low oil pressure cutout High water and high exhaust temperature cutouts Belt guard Disposable oil filter Oil drain valve Full-pressure lube Electronic fuel pump Antidieseling solenoid Solid--state ignition Integral 12-volt battery

    Oil seals |Seal products |Products |NOK CORPORATION

    Oil seals for rotating applications that are properly installed suck in a small amount of air from the atmosphere, and this suction phenomenon keeps oil from leaking outside. As for oil seals for reciprocal movements, the difference in oil film thicknesses between the push and pull strokes constitutes the oil leakage. As such, the oil seals contact pressure profile (maximum contact pressure gradient) is determined so as to achieve optimum oil Permatex® High Tack Gasket Sealant PermatexPermatex ® High Tack Gasket Sealant. Permatex. High Tack. Gasket Sealant. Fast-drying all-purpose sealant dries to a highly tacky, non-brittle film. A reliable general adhesive remains tacky indefinitely can be applied in advance for convenience in assembly. Remains effective at temperatures of -65°F to 500°F (-54°C to 260°C). Sensor-safe.

    Rotary Shaft Seals Parker NA

    Rotary shaft seals provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swiveling movements under low pressure and high velocity. They perform two essential functions. The primary function is to retain the bearing or system lubricant in the system to avoid leakage. The secondary function of a rotary shaft seal is to preclude any contamination of the system by external particles or other Safety Data Sheets Marathon Petroleum OperationsUsing SDS Sheets. Click an SDS or label to download in PDF form. Please contact [email protected] or call 419-421-3070 for SDS questions, additional information, or for assistance locating an SDS or label. Marathon Petroleum. Western Refining.

    Wayne Fueling Systems

    Wayne Fueling Systems is a leading supplier of fuel dispensers, payment terminals, forecourt control devices, point-of-sale and measurement and control solutions to retail commercial fueling customers in over 140 countries. Why is Fuel Mixing with the Engine Oil Briggs & StrattonIf you notice gas mixed in with your engine oil, follow these instructions to address a potential leak. The fuel shut-off valve isnt closed properly. Fuel float in the carburetor being stuck in the open position due to gumming (caused by stale fuel) or debris.

    Permatex® PermaShield Fuel Resistant Gasket Dressing

    Suitable as either a gasket maker or dressing, PermaShield seals surface imperfections between metal parts and is ideal in high performance applications. With an operating temperature range of -60° to 500°F (-50° to 260°C), this compound resists common engine fluids, including oil, gasoline, ethanol, water and anti-freeze and prevents