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:DuraSteel Natural Gas Jet Burner For Chinese

I bought this burner, a 5-inch black steel pipe (3/4 inch), a brass ball valve for natural gas, and a 24-foot, 1/2-inch, flexible natural gas hose (I added a 3/4 inch to 1/2 in coupler). I already had the steel frame from a propane burner and was able to mount the jet-burning using a couple of U-bolts.

B31 Series Regulator - Itron

Valve body. High tensile strength cast iron (ASTM A -126, Class A) Orifice. Aluminum, standard brass, optional (ASTM B16, Alloy 360) Valve seat. Buna-N or silicone (for temperature below -20°F) Valve stem. Aluminum. Lever pin. Stainless steel (Type 303) Lever . Zinc and dichromate plated steel (AISI C1010) Upper diaphragm plate B35 Series Regulator - Natural Gas Regulators & MetersWith a malleable iron body, the B35 will handle inlet pressures up to 1000 PSIG. Outlet pressures range from 10 to 150 PSIG. Seven different orifices are available from 1/16 through 1/2 in either brass or stainless steel. They are interchangeable in all valve body sizes. <

B42 Series Regulator - Abell Combustion

Gas Residential Regulator B42 Series Regulator Applications Consistent pressure reduction of gas for typical domestic and light commercial applications. Description > The B42 is a spring loaded self-operated regulator with internal relief option. The B42 features a molded diaphragm, 6:1 lever ratio and one inch vent. The benefit is a lighter more Ball valves Pegoraro Gas Technologiesball valves We can offer a full range of ball valves suitable for distribution lines for gas and LPG, chemical products, food plants, air, water. Thanks to its reduced face to face dimensions and its intrinsic features like thightness and low pressure drop, they offer wide applications in all projects.

CNG Pressure Regulator - Compressed Natural Gas Pressure

CNG Manometer is a basically pressure transducer and generally give linear analog output according to pressurestall on to Gas Pipe, through check gas pressure, then send to switch to display the gas quantity of tank.due to long life of manometer our designed cng manometer is capable to operate in high mechanical vibration Data Sheets:EZL Pressure Reducing Regulator for Low MAIN VALVE BODY SIZE MAIN VALVE BODY MATERIAL END CONNECTION STYLE STRUCTURAL DESIGN RATING(1) psig bar 2, 3 and 4 in. / DN 50, 80 and 100 WCC Steel NPT (2) or SWE 1500 103 CL150 RF 290 20.0 CL300 RF 750 51.7 CL600 RF or BWE 1500 103 Cast Iron NPT(2) 400 27.6 CL125 FF 200 13.8 1. Structural Design Rating is the rating for the main valve body.

Gas Regulator Valves - Valves - Ferguson

Shop for Gas Regulator Valves at Ferguson. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. Cast Iron (10) Brass (5) Ductile Iron (3) Steel (3) Aluminum Alloy (2) Die Cast Aluminum (2) Rubber (2) Stainless Steel (2) Zinc Plated Steel (2) Maximum Temperature. No Home Pressure Regulators for sale In Stock Robertshaw 1751-021 HI-LO Gas Pressure Regulator Kit For 700 & 710 Gas Valves. $37.95. or Best Offer. FAST 'N FREE. NEW MR. HEATER F276136 LP NATURAL GAS PROPANE LOW PRESSURE REGULATOR SALE USA. $11.99. $4.99 shipping.

Honeywell Maxon Electromechanical Safety Shut-Off Valves

Normally Closed Electromechanical Safety Shut-Off Valves with Automatic Reset for Natural Gas Service. NEMA 4 General Purpose Cast Iron Body, 400 Stainless Steel Seat, Hardened Ductile Iron Disc, PEEK Follower Ring, Buna N O-Rings and Bumper. Right Top Assembly Position. 3/4" (DN20) NPT Threaded:19:125 PSIG Max. 6 Seconds M2R 50 / 75 / 100 EN01 data sheet draft, 08.03Connecting pieces Brass or cast iron Body, cover Precision die cast aluminium Springs Steel, zinc plated Main features z Modular concept z Integrated safety shut-off valve (SSV) for over pressure z High accuracy, good lock up z Filter integrated zTemperature range -20°C to +60°C z Inlet pressure resistant up to 16 bar z Regulator body is

Model 046 Field Regulators - BriceBarclay

cast iron diaphragm cases. Typical applications for the Model 046 Field Regulators are: Farm taps Field Regulator Applications High Pressure Industrial Air or Gases Gas Blanketing Systems Internal Relief Valve Regulator 046-2 This regulator has relief protection to prevent damage to internal parts and the downstream system. Mueller Co. Gas Products DivisionSafe, dependable, lightweight, and easy to operate. The preferred system for a range of installation, repair, and maintenance operations on pressurized natural gas pipelines. Mueller is the most trusted supplier of reliable and safe flow control systems for natural gas distribution lines in North America.

Mueller Gas Products

Cast Iron Tapping Machines The Mueller® B-101 and A-3 drilling and tapping machines are the industry standard for drilling and tapping cast iron, ductile iron, and steel Gas mains from 2 to 48 (DN50 to DN1200) in size. Both can drill and tap holes up to 2½/DN65. Natural Gas Infrastructure Modernization Programs at primarily those made of cast iron and non -cathodically-protected steel. Most of the cast iron and unprotected steel natural gas mains in the United States are in a handful of States with older distribution systems and, for safety reasons, have been the focus of repair and

P133 Pressure Regulator - mb-belgas

125 FF Flange (Iron Only) 150 RF Flange (Steel Only) Temperature Range-40F to 200F-40C to 93C Approx. Weight 35 lbs. (15.9 kg) 60 lbs. (27.2 kg) Adjusting Screw Aluminum, Brass or Steel Body Ductile Cast Iron or WCB Steel Bonnet Aluminum or Cast Iron Cage Aluminum Diaphragm Nitrile or Fluorocarbon Lower Casing Aluminum or Steel P627 High Flow Gas Regulator - Marsh Bellofram* (SCFH of 0.6 S.G. Natural Gas) Temperature Range 20 to 180F (29 to 82C) Weight Approximate 1" 5.3 lbs 2.39 kg 2" 8.8 lbs 3.96 kg Body, Bonnet, Diaphragm Case Options Steel Body, Bonnet & Diaphragm Case Cast Ductile Iron Body / Aluminum Bonnet & Diaphragm Case Steel Body / Aluminum Bonnet & Diaphragm Case (NACE only) Steel Casing

P627 High Flow Gas Regulator - marshbellofram

* (SCFH of 0.6 S.G. Natural Gas) Temperature Range 20 to 180F (18 to 82C) Weight Approximate 1" 5.3 lbs 2.39 kg 2" 8.8 lbs 3.96 kg Body, Bonnet, Diaphragm Case Options Steel Body, Bonnet & Diaphragm Case Cast Ductile Iron Body / Aluminum Bonnet & Diaphragm Case Steel Body / Aluminum Bonnet & Diaphragm Case (NACE only) Steel Casing Quality Gas Pressure Regulator & Fisher Gas Regulator HSR-CHGBLYN Fisher Propane Valves Cast Iron With 1 Inch NPT Globe Body. Gas Heating Equipment Fisher Gas Regulator Two Stage Compact Design. 6000psi Fisher Controls Propane Regulator 1301F High Accuracy For Compression. FIsher EZR High Flow Rate Fisher Gas Regulator / Pressure Reducing Regulator With 161EB Pilot. Differential Pressure Transmitter

R627 High Flow Gas Regulator with Internal Relief

Die Cast Alumi-num 375 25.9 N/A N/A Steel 1200 82.7 1200 82.7 Maximum diaphragm casing overpressure to prevent damage to internal parts. All 60 4.1 60 4.1 R627 High Flow Gas Regulator with Internal Relief Maximum Inlet Body Pressure Nylon Seat 2000 PSIG Steel 1000 PSIG Ductile Iron 1485 PSIG Flanged Steel Nitrile Seat 1000 PSIG All Units Outlet Tejas=Smokers-burners-are -all-oe-nspected and bench LPCAST10-2 - Low Pressure Propane or Natural Gas Two-Part Cast Iron Iron Burner with Adjustable Length Neck, a Versatile Brew Burner. Produces up to 100,000 BTU/hr in an evenly-directed manner. Flame can be controlled down to a low simmer.


Flanged body available in cast iron, ductile iron or cast steel Various relief valve assemblies available (full, limited and zero capacity relief discharge) 1 threaded vent connection Available with Internal Impulse or Control Line (I.C.L.) or External Impulse or Control Line Connections (E.C.L.)