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VTSYIQI TS-2 Ultrasonic Clamp-On Transducer Sensor Use for Handhold Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Flowmeter to Measure Liquids DN25 to DN100mm Pipe Sizes -30

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LC-M Series Micro oval Gear flow meter can detect ultra mini chemical flow, It is a kind of positive displacement flow meter for precise volume flow measurement of mini or low chemical flow liquid, the liquid include chemical, sealant, toluene, glue, detergents, gelectrolyte, ethylene, additive,etc,low flow chemical flow meter. High viscosity chemical flow meters-Coriolis flow meter & oval gear flow meter China River Portable Flow Meter Clamp on Chemical Liquid Jun 19, 2021 · Ultrasonic Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Flowmeter manufacturer / supplier in China, offering River Portable Flow Meter Clamp on Chemical Liquid Portable, Digital Flow Meter Reset Cold Water Flow Meter Flowmeter 200mm, Flow Meter Food Grade Food Industry Flow Meter Pulse Output Flow Meter and so on.

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This page lists manufacturers of quality Ultrasonic Flow Meter, find out more by clicking flow meter, water flow meter, water meter with competitive price. You can always contact our buyer service for a recommended list of meters and Instruments manufacturers tailored just for your demand. Clamp On Flow Meters Water & Gas Ultrasonic Meters Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Meters. Being simple to attach and use, clamp-on ultrasonic water meters are ideal for measuring water flows, especially on larger pipes or pipes that cant easily be modified. Aquips extensive range includes meters for all pipe diameters, wall thicknesses and field situations. Clamp On Ultrasonic Energy Flow Meters.

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Portable ultrasonic doppler flow meter measurement solutions, clamp on and non-invasive, for closed pipe applications. No interruption to process or downtime whilst the instrument is being used. Doppler flow meters for dirty liquid monitoring To suit pipes 13mm-4500mm Dynasonics DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter The Dynasonics DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a true hybrid instrument, capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies to provide accurate readings. Application Flexibility. Equipped to read Doppler, transit time and liquid thermal (heat energy) flow and will automatically choose the type of flow measurement based on

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The FLUXUS range of flow meter measures the volume and mass flow of liquids and gases non-intrusively through FLEXIMs proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technology.. The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped on to the outside of the pipe and never get in direct contact with the media flowing inside the pipe.With permanent and portable flow meters, FLEXIM's product range is High Accuracy Liquid Flow Meters Sierra InstrumentsUltrasonic liquid mass flow meters, such as the InnovaSonic 207i clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter, achieve high accuracy at low and high flows, and save time with no pipe cutting or process shutdown. Simply clamp the fluid flow indicator on the outside of the pipe for easy setup. For volumetric flow calculations of influent and effluent water

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Clamp-on Flow Meters. Micronics D550 portable flow meter is a simple to use, Doppler type portable clamp-on flow meter providing accurate flow readings with a fast, simple operation. The Portaflow D550 is rugged and waterproof and comes with an on-board data logger and free analysis software. Micronics D550 can be used to troubleshoot flow issues in full pipes or to monitor and balance liquid Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meter KitPortable Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit. SGD 2,390.00 FDT-25. PLACE ORDER. 1 ea. Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter 2 ea. Standard Clamp on Transducers for Pipe Sizes 3/4" to 4" negative and net flow Liquid Types:Most liquids including clean water, sea water, waste water, chemical liquids, oil, crude oil, alcohol, beer,

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Mar 31, 2021 · Description. The FDT-25 handheld ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to work with clamp-on transducers to enable the flow of a liquid within a closed pipe to be measured accurately without needing to insert any mechanical parts through the pipe wall or protrude into the flow system. Portable Flow Meter - EESIFLOThe Portalok 7s (original version) is a flow meter that is still very much in production because of its overwhelming popularity in the field. One of the advantages of the Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter are its proven track record and its thousands of reliable measurements in almost every imaginable clamp on flow

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Fuel oil, glycol, waste streams, water distribution- Spires Regal RH20 flow meter is up to the challenge. Completely portable, running on battery or 120 VAC, easy to install, the Regal RH20 is the perfect tool for flow survey, meter verification, pump performance validation, and other demanding facility management flow monitoring applications. Portable Gas Mass Flow Calibration Standards Alicat MBSeries:Portable Gas Mass Flow Meters Laboratory-grade flow verification, anywhere you need it. Shop online . Stopping an operational process for validation or calibration is a necessary evil. Alicats portable flow calibrators make this procedure more palatable

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Portable ultrasonic flow meters are essentially the same as ultrasonic meters used for fixed-install applications with one exception the electronic display that the clamp on transducers connect to is housed in a miniaturized handheld enclosure instead of a wall-mount or panel mount enclosure. This type of package is ideal for maintenance personnel and technicians that need a portable flow meter to Proline Prosonic Flow 93T Ultrasonic flowmeter Endress The portable ultrasonic flowmeter Prosonic Flow 93T is designed for temporary monitoring and test measurements with clamp on sensors. It is operated independently of the mains power using a battery. The Prosonic Flow 93T is ideal for conducting verification measurements at existing flow metering points. Simple products.

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Area Velocity Flow Meter DOF6000-W For open channel and Partially Filled Pipe. Energy Saving Portable Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter For Area Velocity Measurement. IP68 Area Velocity Flow Meter High Precision 16GB Data Logger With GPRS Output. 4-20mA Portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters For 200-6000mm Open Channel. UF2000M Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter - HolykellClamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a non-contact type clamp-on flowmeter, which can not only measure the flow of large pipe diameter medium, but also can be used for the measurement of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter has been utilized in industries and market for over a long-time frame for the volumetric glide metering of water. Ultrasonic waft dimension by the transit-time differential method is now one of the maximum universally applied flow metering strategies to employ clamp on, non-intrusive method in closed conduit and intrusive Ultrasonic portable water flow meter,handheld clamp on testPortable clamp on flow meters mainly have two kinds of flow converters:portable flow meter and handheld flow meter. Portable water flow meter has a bigger size,and has a longer battery time.Handheld flow meter has compact design and lower price. Portable flow can be also equipped with micro printer for spot data printing.

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We develop and manufacture portable and fixed installation clamp-on flowmeters for liquids, which maintain high quality production standards and performance characteristics. We believe that the measurement of flow should be quick, easy and straightforward. We have therefore equipped every KATflow clamp-on flowmeter with an intuitive menu, instrument Setup Wizard and the unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant to make our flowmeters