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Number of loading arms / stations _____ Design pressure _____ (bar) Flow rate _____ (m3/h) Vapor return line Hard piped Hose PRODUCT DATA BALANCING Counterweight Spring­actuated cylinder BOTTOM LOADING Loading Unloading Road tanker Container Rail tanker TOP LOADING

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Vapour is drawn from the tank, heated in the superheater section of the vaporiser and returned to the tank sump through the stripping line or the bottom distribution line. The warm vapour jet sprays onto the liquid collected in the sump which quickly vaporises. An increase in the temperature of the tank sump signals the completion of vaporisation. Dixon Bayco Air Interlock Valves - John M. Ellsworth Co. Inc.Dixon Bayco Air Interlock valves are installed on bottom loading adapters and vapor recovery fittings to lock the brakes to prevent drive-away's during loading. Rugged solid aluminum body with Baylast seal for dependable service and corrosion resistance. WARNING:This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause

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Among our most popular options are a choice of vapor return hose reels that have been specifically designed for use with marine loading arms and are capable of handling all liquids and gasses between -50°C and + 200°C. The arms come in a choice of either hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic options to suit all environments. LA130V SERIES - Top loading arm vapor recovery ZipFluidDescription. Top Loading Arms are articulated, self-supported pipelines used to transfer fluids from stocking depots to road or railway tankers through the manhole on the top of the tank. Long range type allows the maximum loading coverage, while vapor recovery system enables vapor return via a dedicated line to the platform.

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Bottom Loading & Unloading. Bottom transfer arms are especially designed to load products where vapor return is necessary while providing an extended reach that makes them ideal for applications where a vehicle cannot be accurately spotted. Learn More. MYR Link Arm. Loading and Unloading Loops AutomationLoops Automation is an experienced integrator of truck top & bottom loading skids with bottom/top loading arm and API coupler + adapter + hose. Also providing vapor return arm.for control section we are providing branded preset controller (batch controller). meter selection depends upon the station flow rate PD meter or coriolis meter. Digital control valve or set stop valve is an integral part of loading system.

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LPG Marine Loading Arm (with vapor recovery) FOB Price:US $ 1-790000 / Piece. Min. Order:1 Piece. Condition:New. Customized:Customized. Certification:ISO9001. Tank Marerial:Metal Tank. Type:Middle Pressure Storage & Transportation Equipment. Storage Objects:Solid, Liquid, Gas. Molten Sulfur Storage Tank, Loading, and Vapor Ejection molten sulfur storage tank, tank headspace ejector, loading spots, loading arms, loading ejectors with vapor recovery stations, and a sulfur loading pump. In this example system, the molten sulfur storage tank has a working capacity in the range of 2000-3000 long tons. The tank is a low-pressure, cone-top, API 650 storage tank made of carbon steel.

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The closing loading system, whereby vapors are exhausted through either vent risers or high-velocity vents, must always be used. The rate of loading must be adjusted to consider the number of tanks or holds open at any one time. The maximum loading rate mustn't be exceeded to avoid over pressurization and undue stress on the pipeline system. Our Projects - Gulf Oil & Gas L.L.C.Construction of Plant Modification Projects PMP 736, PMP 768 and PMP 790. Modification of Piping and Replacement of Existing Flow Meter and Provision of Utility Station at the top of GPR. Dismantling, transportation and storage of the Written-Off Equipment in Abu Dhabi Refinery. EPC for Crossover Provision to convert 30" MP Transfer Line from

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Feb 28, 2013 · You should have a 2-in. line from the pump discharge (before the check valve) back to the tank vapor space. When starting the pump, or when it's vapor-locked, open the line and recycle the LPG back to the tank this can be automated or manual. Each pump will require a startup line. The pump suction line is also important. Rail Car Top Unloading - Industrial Professionals Jul 08, 2010 · Rail Car Top Unloading - posted in Industrial Professionals:I have an application to "Top offload" viscous chemical (1600cP) from the Rail car and the Gear pump is located at the Grade. The capacity of the Gear Pump is 150 GPM. Suction line is 4" and discharge line is 3". The elevation of the bottom of the rail car and highest point of the loading arm is 20ft.


Feb 15, 2010 · UNLOADING/ VAPOR RETURN ARMS HP PUMP R E C O N D E N S O R HW PUMP STV GW PUMP Loading Arm/Manifold Manifold Loading Arm Loading Arm Reach Envelope. property line Hazardous Vapour Cloud Spread Unacceptable (2500 m to 5600 m) Unacceptable (1100 m to 1200 m) Acceptable (57 m) LEL not to Saferack Guide to Industrial Terminologies - SafeRackEliminators (or loading arm strainers) remove the accumulated air in hoses and tanks. Oxygen, in any transfer or Air Header The air header is the main trunk line in a compressed air system that carries compressed air from the compressor to airdrops located in a plant, or distribution center like a petrochemical loading terminal.

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JME carries tank truck equipment including fuel delivery elbows, gauge sticks, hose fittings, drop hoses, overfill protection valves & much more. Truck and Rail Loading and Unloading SystemsTwo bay, bottom truck loading rack 50' x 85' bounded by a curb with a central island in the middle. Total area of risk:50 x 85 = 4,250 sq. ft. Application rate:.16 x 4,250 = 680 gpm through the overhead sprinkler system 4 supplementary ground sweep nozzles required (Two each side of the island)

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1. a system for transferring liquid comprising, a vehicular tank, a liquid conduit attached to and in fluid communication with the lower section of the tank, a vapor conduit having its inlet end in the top of said tank and its outlet end concentric with said liquid conduit, a loading arm having a pair of inner conduits and a pair of outer conduits, means for conducting liquid to and vapors Vapor Recovery Unit Design DataSheet Seti Equipos Marine Loading Arms; Quick Release Mooring Hooks; Gangway Access Systems; Berthing Aid Systems; Product Movement. Vapor Recovery Units; Truck Loading Arms; Loading Gantries; Services. Engineering for LNG and Gas Plants; Design DataSheets. Geodesic Dome Roof Design DS; Internal Floating Roof Design DS; Marine Loading Arm Design DS; Quick Release

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Sep 18, 2013 · The loading station has a vapor return line piped back to the storage tank. The vent line is interlocked with the filling line, so you cannot start filling unless the vapor return line is connected to the storage tank and the grounding cable is connected to the tanker. This is a standard 'loading arm' station for road tanker filling. Why Does My Outboard Keep Stalling & Why Outboards The most common source for an air leak is the water separator. Water separators get dirty and can create a bad restriction in the fuel system. Causing the stall under load. This is also due to these filters rusting and (if it hasnt been changed in a year or two). This generates a hole in the bottom of it

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Ball / dual butterfly valve can be equipped with an emergency from the device and the manual / hydraulic quick coupling (see the main parts ) RC type marine loading arm can be equipped with a 3 ' or 4 evaporation gas return line ( as required in accordance with the larger diameter configuration vapor back to the tube ) .Vapor Recovery Loading Arms OPW Engineered SystemsVapor Recovery Loading Arms. OPW Engineered Systems offers the worlds most complete line of Top Loading Vapor Recovery Solutions. With the variations in transports that exist today, its important to partner with a company that has the experience, the technologies and the breadth of