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1000L Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 40KHz For Heavy

1000L Painting and Vacuum Coating Pretreatment 7200W Ultrasonic Cleaner 28/40KHz. Temperature choose:The most suitable cleaning temperature for the water cleaning solution is 50-60 ° C. Especially in the case of cold weather, if the temperature of the cleaning solution is low, the cavitation effect is poor, and the cleaning effect is also poor.

28K 40K 2400W Frequency Submersible Ultrasonic

Digital ultrasonic generator; Industrial ultrasonic cleaner; Ultrasonic PCB Generator; Digital Ultrasonic welding generator; Ultrasonic welding transducer; Ultrasonic cleaning transducer; Ultrasonic welding machine; Ultrasonic equipment 28kHz Waterproof Ultrasonic Transducer For Cleaning 28kHz frequency is stronger, better for car/motor/truck/vessel parts clean (remove oils, grease, pastes, etc. ) 40kHz is better for pcb boards, electronic parts, etc. Higher precision goods, higher frequency. Main applications of Ultrasonic immersible transducers:Cleaning tanks in surface treatment lines; Cleaning lines for special purposes

40K/80K/100K 60W Hesen Multi Frequency Ultrasonic

40K/80K/100K 60W Hesen Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer,40K/80K/100K 60W Hesen Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer Ultrasonic transducer product features 1. It adopts military industrial grade piezoelectric ceramic wafer more stable static capacitance and high anti-attenuation. 2 low heat,40K/80K/100K 60W Hesen Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer BQLZR High Conversion Efficiency 60W 40KHz Ultrasonic Large amplitude, Piezoelectric ceramic materials provides good heat resistance. Homogeneous sounding board. Widely used in ultrasonic cleaning ,beauty and so on. Frequency:40KHz. Power:60W. Size:45 Dia. x 55 H mm/1.77x2.17 inch. Weight:306g. Package incude:1x transducer.

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40K 28K Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Tank For Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Oven Dip Soaking Kitchen Utensils Washing $2,000.00-$2,200.00/ Piece 1 China 28kHz / 40kHz Immersible Ultrasonic Vibration Plate Immersibel Ultrasonic Transducer, Ultrasonic Immersible Transdercer, Submersible Ultrasonic Transducer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 28kHz / 40kHz Immersible Ultrasonic Vibration Plate for Casting Cleaning, Blue Impervious Isolation Gown, Poly Coated, Elastic Cuffs, Disposable Protective Isolation Gown, Latex Free, Non-Woven, Fluid Resistant, One Size Fits All, Factory Supply

China 28kHz Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 1200W Machinery

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Golf Clubs / Balls, Commercial Golf Ball Washer Machine, Washer Disinfector Ultrasonic Cleaner manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 28kHz Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner 1200W Machinery Ultrasonic Vibration Cleaning Machine, Immersible Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 40kHz Cleaning Equipment 2000watt, 3000W Power Ultrasonic Generator to Drive with Ultrasonic China Industrial 36 Litre Digital Cavitek Ultrasonic 36 Litre Cavitek Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank 220V. For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item. The Cavitek series offers increased functionality with features such as degas, delicate and full power modes alongside the standard fluid temperature and cleaning

China Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine with Filter

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine With Filter System 28KHz 40KHz For Auto Motorcycle Parts Engine Carburetor Washer The manufacturing process and materials of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are different. The ultrasonic is mainly composed of an ultrasonic generator, an ultrasonic transducer and a cleaning tank. Hainertec (Suzhou) Co. Ltd - ultrasonic transducer Hainertec (Suzhou) Co. Ltd - China supplier of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic cleaning transducer, ultrasonic washing machine, ultrasonic generator

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner China manufacturers and

40K 28K Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Tank For Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel Oven Dip Soaking Kitchen Utensils Washing The customized single slot small ultrasonic cleaning equipment is Multi - Frequency Parts Ultrasonic Cleaner Heated Soak GT SONIC ST-series industrial Ultrasonic parts cleaners are our new design models with time setting, heating, and Ultrasonic power-adjustable modes. The upgraded motherboard and 2mm thickness SUS304 tank offer powerful and reliable cleaning at a competitive price.

Multi-frequency Ultrasonic generator

ultrasonic cleaner. Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner. 68khz High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner. Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner. 80khz High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner. piezo ceramic. Ultrasonic Fish Finder for Piezoelectric Ceramic (PZT) Ultrasonic Cleaner for Piezoelectric Ceramic (PZT) Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Piezoelectric Ceramic (PZT) chip Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaners - Zenith UltrasonicsOur tabletop ultrasonic cleaners are manufactured of thick material to resist erosion damage and extend tank life. Tanks are nitrogen-purged during manufacturing to ensure that all welds penetrate and fill the gaps between metals completely. Separate Ultrasonic Generator for the best reliability. The ability to operate continuously for many years.

Ultrasonic Frequency Selection - Zenith Ultrasonics

The upper photo to the right depicts the Ultraprobe measuring an 80kHz ultrasonic cleaning tank. Note how close together the standing waves are. Smaller parts cleaned in smaller batches are perfect candidates for this frequency, but improvement in power could be produced if a 40/80kHz CROSSFIRE system were used. Ultrasonic immersible transducer pack, Ultrasonic Ultrasonic immersible transducer pack from shenzhen ours ultrasonic Co.. Search High Quality Ultrasonic immersible transducer pack Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on .

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US$49.99 US$59.99 17% Off Ultrasonic Transducer Driver 132*85*45mm 28K/40K 100W/50W PCB Generator with Transducers for Ultrasonic Cleaner 5 reviews COD US$44.99 US$59.99 25% Off Smart Visual Ultrasonic Dental Scaler Tooth Calculus Remover 500W HD Endoscope Cleaner With App From Xiaomi Youpin 5 reviews CODImmersible Cleaning Ultrasonic Transducer 28K/40K According to the requirements of the market and the development trend of Immersible Cleaning Ultrasonic Transducer 28K/40K Ultrasonic Sensor with Generator, our company constantly enriches, adjusts and improves the product structure to face the market with high-quality products.